It is about 1000 degrees in my apartment. I am sitting here sweating more than I think should be possible when I am sitting still, on my couch, watching the Food Network. The heat, combined with the fact that I just realized how much money I am going to have to spend on textbooks, has me feeling slightly anxious and irritated.

I mean, what kind of professor would ask me to get two copies of the same book (one is a new edition of course, but still! I am not made of money, here)


What this all means, of course, is that dinner was a rerun tonight. I cannot possibly say that I felt like hopping on my bike and riding to the store to buy ingredients to cook would be a good idea in 95 degree weather. And I was in the mood for some soul-filling, mouth-stuffing, summer eats; my bruschetta concoction from last night filled that description and, wow, I had some leftover heirloom tomatoes that were staring up at me from my pantry shelf shouting, “eat me! eat me!”.

So at my ritual dinner time of 6:00 (honestly, I’m hungry at 5:00 but I know that if I eat that early I’ll be starving by 6:00 so I just wait), I peeled my sweaty body off the couch and made my way into the kitchen. I had no idea that chopping tomatoes could be so therapeutic, but I’m sure my counter would disagree; it sure got a beating.

As did my toast. I live in an efficiency apartment so two tiny burned pieces created a strange wafting of smoke throughout my apartment until I frantically rushed to the fan switch, hoping that I wouldn’t set my fire alarm off.

Burned toast aside, the results were delicious. I added a smidge of olive oil to the tomato and onion mixture which, when spooned onto the bread, made for a party in my mouth. Adding the olive oil to the vegetables rather than the bread was a great decision on my part.

The frustration fueled shoveling of bread and tomatoes into my mouth wasn’t half bad either.


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