I still want un macaron


So I’m going to admit it here because if I don’t gush somewhere I may find myself skipping down the street and singing.

I have it bad for this biologist boy.

I can’t stop thinking about him. I have the urge to tell him everything. My heart feels all fluttery and anxious. And (gasp) I even want to bake for him.

I am nearly (ok, no, not nearly. I am…) swooning over here, still trying to determine which way is up, how things will pan out, how to keep myself breathing and grounded. I am constantly reminding myself that it is important to go will the flow, to not lose who my independence and my identity, to realize that all of this is still new and that, like any good dessert, relationships take patience to make.

I think that I am in need of those macarons after all, even though this boy is intelligent, hilarious, *and* baked cookies with me.



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2 responses to “I still want un macaron

  1. He baked cookies with you?? Oh dear, he knows how to seduce a foodie. Watch out 🙂

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