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I still want un macaron


So I’m going to admit it here because if I don’t gush somewhere I may find myself skipping down the street and singing.

I have it bad for this biologist boy.

I can’t stop thinking about him. I have the urge to tell him everything. My heart feels all fluttery and anxious. And (gasp) I even want to bake for him.

I am nearly (ok, no, not nearly. I am…) swooning over here, still trying to determine which way is up, how things will pan out, how to keep myself breathing and grounded. I am constantly reminding myself that it is important to go will the flow, to not lose who my independence and my identity, to realize that all of this is still new and that, like any good dessert, relationships take patience to make.

I think that I am in need of those macarons after all, even though this boy is intelligent, hilarious, *and* baked cookies with me.



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Cake or death?


A few days ago, as I sat on my couch feeling utterlly despotic over my current, stagnant life, I took a plunge and signed up for a 3-day free trial of

Yes, I signed up for Internet dating.

I know that thousands of women across the United States sign up for this sort of thing every day, but this was not one of my proudest moments. I think myself to be fairly cute, intelligent, and at least bearable to be around…and I always envisioned myself romantically meeting the man of my dreams in the grocery store, with both of our arms reaching for the last jar of Nutella.

Fat chance of that, I’m sure. Which is why, as I sweat profusely onto my couch and half listened to  Andrew Zimmern going on about some inerd that he is always eating on his show, I “winked” at a boy I thought was interesting and cute. What am I, 13 again?

But I digress. Cute wink boy and I have been emailing back and forth over these past 2 days. And now I have reached the end of my free trial (which will cease my message sending and receiving capabilities) as well as discovered an online shop that happily bakes and sends out macaroons made by French patissiers and therefore I have reached a dilemma: macaroons or romance?

Which is more worthly of my extremely limited student funds? Clearly, I am currently infatuated with macaroons.

This dilemma seems to me to be quite similar to Eddy Izzard’s “cake or death?” dilemma. I mean really, who in their right mind would turn down cake?! Not me surely. Which is why I am having the difficulty turning down the siren-song of premade, buttery, and delicious macarons available for Internet order. Yummy confections seem infinitely better than possible heartbreak. But shouldn’t I be hunting down prospective victims (errr…men) instead of drooling over photographs on an online bakeries? Shouldn’t I just bake my own gosh darn macaroons, which I could then share with said prospective man? How the heck do I find the prospective man? Should I just run out of the coffee shop that I am currently planted in and snatch the next attractive man that walks by? And what about my macaroons?!

And this, folks, is why I am single and currently dessert-less.

{On the menu for this evening: salade de legumes au fromage de chevre}


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