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I’m back…


Well, the semester started with a bang.

Actually, a bang would be an understatement but everything can be condensed down into a few simple statements: I finally stopped letting my ex dictate my life, I started seeing a new (extremely awesome and smart and funny) biologist, and I am taking an extremely heavy course-load and working part time.

So, to put it simply, I have found myself with increasingly fewer and fewer spare moments. It’s wonderful yet terrifying at the same time, which is why I find myself back at computer and realizing that although I’ve been tied down with reading and life, I do miss having a place to recount my thoughts.

That, and this blog was my anchor for the “Run around France” idea which seemed great at the time, but which tanked due to the fact that I went from having infinite spare time to running around like a poulet without a head 5 days a week.

So, with that said…my originial recipe challenge must be put on hold for the moment. I’ll still be baking, as baking is the most relaxing and cathartic activity. But cooking my way through a cookbook just is not feasible, at least not right now. So expect yummy pictures of food and tales of occasional baking, but not so much a journey through a cookbook.

And…I am reinstating the “Run around France” challenge because I have found myself becoming lazier and lazier over the past few weeks. Which is not ok. It will also give me a reason to ramble on about France and my experiences in a French grammar class.

I need some more balance dans ma vie.



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