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Un festin pour les yieux: Un bon dessert

Today, as I was hiding out in my favorite coffee shop trying to wait out a storm, I had the priviledge of sitting at the table next to a couple of friends reminiscing over their very separate, but very eventful, road trips on the west coast of the United States. As I sat sipping on my coffee, I found myself getting jealous.

The combination of last night’s episode of No Reservations, eavesdropping over the memories of Voodoo Bakery, and browsing through French pastry recipes  has instilled me with a very serious sense of wanderlust. Or, to be more accurate, a very serious desire to travel around the world eating some kickass pastries.

Don’t get me wrong, I have access to a wide variety of tasty muffins and scones and cakes here in this little coffee shop. And it’s my home away from home, so far be it from me to belittle the food that I have been eating nearly every single day since moving here.

But I want something more exotic. Something that I can’t walk ten minutes for. Something that will make my taste buds dance with glee.

Enter my most current craving: The French macaroon.


Le macaron is different from other ‘varieties’ of macaroons in that a fairly unsweetened meringue is used (for example, an Italian macaroon uses a more sugary meringue). And, unlike the common American conception of a macaroon, is not a puff of coconut (not that there is anything wrong with a coconut macaroon, of course. Coconut is delish).

Chocolat et framboise macaron



And now I know what my next baking project will be…


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